Provisioned Ministries  –  If you or someone you know is having difficulty finding a plan, a way to save, or hope in general, we can help you at Provisioned Ministries.  We coach and counsel and we can even offer financial assistance to those who qualify.

BudgetLikeMe –  Budget Like Me:  Screw Debt is a FREE book (written by Yours Truly) in a pdf format.  I strongly recommend that you download the pdf on a desktop or laptop and attempt the methods outlined in the book.  The book is short, and the methods are simple.  A paperback copy or a Kindle version are available if you wish to purchase.

Be Is For Brooke  –  Click this link and be redirected to Brooke Elias’s personal blog where you will find detailed methods for meal planning and grocery shopping cheaply and efficiently.

Every Dollar – Here is another budgeting tool endorsed by Dave Ramsey’s team.  I have not used it, but I know of many who swear by it.  Give it a try.

Challenging worldly money patterns