Wheel of Fortune

I’m considering the idea of the possibility of maybe writing another book.

1 of 2 things popped into your mind upon reading that:

1. Oh God please don’t.

2. What do you mean another book?

If you’re number one, who asked you?

If you’re number two, I wrote a short self-help type thing about a year ago. It’s on the resources page here on the website.

Paul once said Imitate me as I imitate Christ.

Well, I can’t say the same, obviously, but I can, with confidence, say that it would benefit most to read it.

The kicker is that I don’t want you to pay for it. Download the pdf from the site and read it. Follow it. Implement it.

Just do it.

Now, as far as this new idea is concerned, I’m not going to tell you the overall premise because I don’t want you to steal my potential bread winner.

But I will allow you a glimpse of the topic, and that is where the title of this post comes into play.

I think it would be more fun for you to guess.

I shall provide a few hints, and you see how long it takes you to guess.

1. I write about money stuff.

2. Wheel of Fortune is game show that has been airing for God knows how long.

3. On said game show, contestants spin a wheel with lots of different dollar value sections and a few non-dollar value sections.

4. I’m talking in particular about one of these non-dollar value sections.

5. It’s black, and you don’t want to spin the wheel and land on this section.

6. If you don’t know it from number 5, you’ve never paid much attention to Wheel of Fortune.

7. It’s bankruptcy.

8. Why am I still numbering hints?

I’ve spent very little time around bankruptcy, and my knowledge base on the subject is extremely limited, but I have gathered some very important characteristics of bankruptcy that are worth passing along immediately.

  • It is NOT free
  • Not all debts are forgiven
  • It does not change your behavior

Let me say also that I really hope this post doesn’t help a single person.

If it did, that would mean a reader is facing the possibility of filing for bankruptcy. I truly hope that is not the case.

But if you are, I’m not saying you should avoid it. It could very well be the best option for you. However,

  • Beware of wolves in sheeps clothing (bankruptcy attorneys who do not have your best interests in mind)
  • Reach out to someone knowledgeable who DOES care about your financial well-being


You got a buncha lists today. Hope you enjoy that.

Don’t conform!

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