Yes, I Would Like a Receipt

A pet peeve of mine is when anyone refers to something that irritates them as a pet peeve.

Another pet peeve of mine is when I’ve finished pumping gas into a vehicle, I’ve pushed the button next to “yes” after being asked if I would like a receipt, and the screen beeps and tells me to see cashier inside for receipt….

Why did you ask me?  The convenience is no longer available if I have to walk inside.

So I leave all grumpy and Smokin’ Hot Wife is like “What’s wrong?  What happened?”

Ya know because based on the way I’m acting, someone just hit me with a milkshake.

So I tell her and she’s like “Oh my gosh, is this really something to be upset about?”

And I’m like “Well… Yes.  Why haven’t they replaced the roll of receipt paper?”

And she’s all like reasonable discussion blah blah blah.

And I’m like “I don’t have time for reasonable discussion.  I want my receipt.”

“Well go inside and get it!” says she.

“Absolutely not,” says I.  “I will not be led to the slaughter by some gas company who thinks they can tell me what to do.”


So anyway… receipts.

I mention Pops a lot it seems.  But it was Pops who always told us to keep our receipts.

It’s for record keeping purposes.

These days, you can keep track of all transactions on your computer because internet.

I still like to get receipts most of the time, though.  I don’t like that, in some cases, it takes a few days before the transaction shows up on my bank account (or credit card account).

When we were poor, this really was dangerous.  If I didn’t record a particular transaction in the budget, we were at risk of spending money (that the bank account showed we had) that was already accounted for.

It’s a terrible idea to ever look at your bank account available balance and spend based on that number.  At least it is for us.  Most of the time, that number is not indicative of how much money we have to spend.  It is often tied up in different things:

  • Jesus money set aside for giving
  • credit card accounts pending payment on Friday morning
  • $30 in gas that hasn’t showed up in 3 days

You get the idea.  Save the receipts.  Throw them away once you’ve recorded your transactions in your budget that I hope you have.  If not, Budget Like Me: Screw Debt.

Also, it is still wise to maintain receipts from major purchases, those that require spending hundreds (or thousands) of dollars.

I sincerely hope you can find all the paperwork for your house and automobile transactions quickly and without thought.

Keep up with the big stuff.  Never throw it out.

You can even find an old beat up filing cabinet, spray paint it navy blue, and keep all your important stuff in it.

I don’t know who would do that, though. Probably weirdos.

Do not conform.  And screw debt!

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  1. I go through this same process and the odds are higher that that screen will display “See Cashier” than the receipt printing.

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