Budget Like Me: Screw Debt

I am very excited to offer any and all visitors and subscribers the chance and ability to budget like me.

Click BudgetLikeMe to download my eBook, Budget Like Me:  Screw Debt,  for FREE in a pdf format.  I strongly recommend that you download the pdf on a desktop or laptop and attempt the methods outlined in the book.  The book is short, and the methods are simple.

However, should you prefer a paperback copy, you can purchase it on Amazon for $6.09 (the cheapest they would allow).  It is also available on Kindle for $0.99 (the cheapest they would allow).  I am not greatly pleased with the Kindle format, though.

Please take advantage of this free opportunity to get your finances in order.  It will take no more than an hour of your time!

Do not conform, and screw debt!

Challenging worldly money patterns